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Brand Safety score videos and images automatically, with no human intervention


Realtime: Media Signature lookup

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Deep Learning and Signals based real-time brand safety

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Our proprietary technology combines Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Signals Artificial Intelligence, to drive multi-dimensional feature and content spectral views of media.  Our complete machine learning workflow requires no human intervention, and is fully scalable.

BSafe: Video content Scorer.

Videos are scored for Brand Safety. Violence, adult-content, video game detection and other factors are measured, tagged and content-addressably hashed to create an almost real-time scoring system, that can be dynamically updated with new scored content on the fly.

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AI Platform: Technology to present and grow world-class AdTech Applications

Applying the latest in deep learning and signals intelligence to create fast, accurate scoring for Brand Safety applications.

About EnaCor

We concentrate on delivering solutions for the media Brand Safety problem. In an increasingly real-time environment, where it is important to not only detect inappropriate content and take automatic action as fast as possible, but to have an almost instant rejection of that same content if attacked with it again, we are using the latest techniques in static and dynamic violence, adult content, and other brand safety scoring algorithms , along with unique ways to archive already-seen-content for instant look-up.  

Alan Coppola

                        Alan Coppola
                    CEO & Co-Founder

Alan is a technologist who specializes in turning the latest academic research and open source code bases into innovative products.
His  experience ranges from entrepreneurial executive to corporate technical lead. Lately, he’s been integrating deep learning and standard computer vision models, along with natural language processing and statistical models to create scorers and classifiers that translate directly into products for video content brand safety and time lapsed video surveillance wild game classification.  
In the past, he has worked for Intel, Mentor Graphics, and Cypress Semiconductor on various computer aided design hardware compiler optimization projects, and has taught math and computer science at various universities..
 Lately, his work with computer vision, digital signal processing and machine learning, both as an entrepreneur and contractor has lead to completed projects with government agencies and software/semiconductor houses involving speech and vision fusion, accelerating linear algebra libraries, creating FFT hardware libraries, accelerating massive MCMC R-models. He has degrees in mathematics from University of Connecticut(BS) and SUNY at Binghamton(MA, PhD).

Derrick Horner

                  Derrick Horner
Strategic Advisor & Co-Founder

Derrick is an innovative and multi-faceted business leader with global experience in building business models, sourcing business opportunities, shaping corporate strategy, doing M&A deals, raising capital and lawyering in start-ups, established companies and turnarounds.
He has a broad range of experience, from several years of corporate practice at one of New York’s top law firms (Simpson Thacher & Bartlett) and several years as General Counsel and/or head of corporate development at public and private companies - Source Media, 24/7 Real Media, Massive Incorporated, Vizible Corporation, and Vibrant Media.
He has co-founded and helped build ad tech start-ups – addGloo (a semantic DSP platform), blurbIQ (an interactive video advertising platform) - and spends continuing time as an angel investor and board advisor. Most recently, he has focused on working with early-stage internet companies on creative and challenging projects with passionate teams. Derrick graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College and received his J.D. cum laude from Harvard Law School.

In short:

  • BSafe - Brand Safety average real-time video scorer, analyzer, and filter

  • Technology - A collection of temporal and spatial classifiers, using state-of-the-art deep learning and computer vision techniques.

  •  Memory -The ability to process video once and remember it's scoring instantly if seen again, using signature and content-addressable memory techniques.


BSafe is our Adtech product, allowing auto-scoring of adult content, violence, sports, and many other categories, including the IAB category listings.

Custom Work - Let us help you solve your AdTech problems with our technologies.

Usage Scenarios

Sell-side publishers and supply-side-platforms would use BSafe on their own native video inventory, along with any purchased traffic from other sources, to assure the brand safety and quality of fused traffic stream of video content being pushed to their buy-side clients.

Buy-side platforms would use BSafe on purchased video inventory to assure brand safety and
relevance to the ad campaign.


BSafe is delivered as a REST API, from cloud-based or local servers.

Brand Safety Score

Concept Spectra Based

Concept Spectra

IAB-Tiers, Faces, etc.


Deep, Machine, and Motion Learning

Video Tagging

Detect all the bad stuff...

Static Violence

BSafe Detection

Dynamic Violence

Motion and Optical Flow Detectors