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Automatically filter your Advertisement Reality for Brand Safety


Brand Safety 

Brand Safety score videos and images automatically, with no human intervention


Realtime: Media Signature lookup

Fast decisions for successive lookups



Deep Learning and Signals based real-time brand safety

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Signals-based AI drives our "Shazam-like" media classifier to lookup and index content in any media strem. Our complete machine learning workflow requires no human intervention, and is fully scalable.

BSafe: Video content Scorer.

Videos are scored for Brand Safety. Violence, adult-content, video game detection and other factors are measured, tagged and content-addressably hashed to create an almost real-time scoring system, that can be dynamically updated with new scored content on the fly.

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AI Platform: Technology to present and grow world-class AdTech Applications

Applying the latest in deep learning and signals intelligence to create fast, accurate scoring for Brand Safety applications.

About EnaCor

We concentrate on delivering solutions for the media Brand Safety problem. In an increasingly real-time environment, where it is important to not only detect inappropriate content and take automatic action as fast as possible, but to have an almost instant rejection of that same content if attacked with it again, we are using the latest techniques in static and dynamic violence, adult content, and other brand safety scoring algorithms. Coupled with our patentable ways that perform instant look-ups of media content, we'll support auto whitelist/blacklist generation for brand safety sensitive operations.

Alan Coppola

                        Alan Coppola
                    CEO & Co-Founder

Alan's  experience ranges from entrepreneur to corporate technical lead. He’s been developing artificial intelligence systems for media  content brand safety, in conjuction with patented media spectral signature systems that address the problems of both scoring what's inside black-box media content, and it's "Fake" score.

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Derrick Horner

                  Derrick Horner
Strategic Advisor & Co-Founder

Derrick is an innovative and multi-faceted business leader with global experience in building business models, sourcing business opportunities, shaping corporate strategy, doing M&A deals, raising capital and lawyering in start-ups, established companies and turnarounds.

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In short:

  • BSafe - Brand Safety  AI-based video scorer, analyzer, and filter

  • MSign -  Media Spectral Signature Tool. "Shazam" for videos.

  •  Tech Platform Apps:
    BuckTag- Trailcam surveillance photo animal classifier.


BSafe is our Adtech product, allowing auto-scoring of topics including static/dynamic violence, NotSafeFor{K}YearOlds, Fake News, Forensic Media Analysis

MSign is our signature tool that enables discerning unique media content in an instant.

Usage Scenarios

Automatic Whitelist/Blacklist Generation

Real-Time Auction Brand-Safety Support

Fake and Inappropriate Content Detection


Scalable Cloud REST API

Jupyter based setup, deployment and validation tools

Brand Safety Score

Concept Spectra Based

Concept Spectra

IAB-Tiers, Faces, etc.


Deep, Machine, and Motion Learning

Video Tagging

Detect all the bad stuff...

Static Violence

BSafe Detection

Dynamic Violence

Motion and Optical Flow Detectors